Comprehensive housing solutions

Clean water, heating system and sewage treatment is without doubt one of the most important things to worry about when building a house. Without finding the right solution to these problems it can cost a lot of effort, energy and money and potentially be unhabitable. Since 2003 ATMOR LLC has provided provate housing solutions more comfortable than apartment buildings. In 2018, We introduced ISO9001:2015 quality management systems standard and continue demonstrating top quality service.

In the harsh climate of Mongolia, it is very important to choose the right heating system. We are always committed to providing our customers with safe and quality solutions even when they are not at home.

COMFORT package

- Panel Radiators /European standard/

- PPR connection material /European standard/

- Automatic electric heating furnace /European standard/

- Collector /European standard/

- Room thermostat /European standard/

LUXURY package

The following services are provided aditionally to users who value comfort and sustainable use:

- Technical thermal calculation of the house

- Thermographic imaging

- Atmor brand Internet heating controls in Mongolian

- Floor pipe heating system /radiators can be included/

You have the option of having your fresh water source filled by a water truck or connected to a well. By pressurizing incoming clean water and sending it through a clean water line, you can have constantly pressured water. Sewage lines will be built inside the collection of these waters. It is neat to plan the lines hidden, and it is correct to do them in conjunction with the work during initial construction.

COMFORT package

- Storage tank /300-1000 litre/

- Domestic water boiler /25-2000 litre/

- Pressure booster pump /0.125-1.1kW/

- Connection pipelines /PPR, etc/

LUXURY package

-  Copper pipeline

- Pressure booster pump /European standard/

- Flow sensor /European standard/

- Well water treatment facility

Mongolia's extreme climate creates the greatest difficulty in solving external sewage systems. Since 2003, we have been developing engineering and technical solutions for all types of soils, as well as manufacturing and distributing products. We offer both mainline Septic systems and small scale treatment plants

COMFORT package

We offer a septic system for simple, gravelly or waterless soils. Septic systems use bacteria that grow in oxygen-free environments to absorb purified water into the soil. Septic tanks are the cheapest solution because it's manufactired with recycled plastic in Mongolia. With wet, frosted, muddy soils a small treatment plant will be required. Sewage system includes the following:

- External sewage line /European standard/

- Heated cable /European standard/

- Septic tank /Mongolian standard/

- Small treatment plant /European standard/

- Control well, ventilation pipe

- Drainfield, gravel


LUXURY package

For those willing to pioneer technology, we offer a small sewage treatment plant of Russian origin, ONYX brand "BIOLOS" models that does not require suction and provide the highest level of purification.

When connecting indoor water systems to wells, freezing and automation problems are common. We offer the most risk-free solutions that won't freeze in winter.

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